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£50 Off Computer or Laptop Trade In

Looking for a new computer or laptop?
Square Egg Computers are currently running a £50 Trade In scheme to people who purchase new laptops or computers from us. The offer is available to anyone who has equipment that is " Complete & Powers Up". We will not accept items that have had parts removed, the equipment must be functional at the time of trade. All traded in equipment with either be recycled or donated to people in need. All Personal Data will be securely wiped clean and the Opertaing system re-installed fresh before any equipment is donated. Equipment that will be recycled will have its Hard Drive smashed beyond repair so that no data could ever be salvaged.

1. All Equipment must be in at least working order and able to reach the operating system.
2. A validly licensed operating system must be present (no illegal software or hacked windows software)
3. This is a 1 for 1 trade offer. (If you purchase 2 new laptops, you could trade in 2 old systems for £100 off etc etc).
4. Once equipment is traded, all data will be securely wiped.
5. PLEASE BACKUP any important data or tells us what you need and we will back it up onto DVD or transfer to the new equipment for you..
6. Equipment Traded in can be Computers Systems (PC tower & monitor only, keyboards and printers not needed), Laptops or Macbooks.
7. Tablets or Phones are not permitted as a trade in.
8. Once a Purchase price has been arranged, the £50 will then be taken off at Invoicing/Payment.
9. Residential Customers only - Business customers are not included in the trade in offer.

If you're Interested in this offer, simply click the contact us link and leave your details and we'll give you a call --> Contact Us

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Great news!
Unfortunatley as some of you may have heard, Microsoft have recently (September 2016) stopped offering the automatic free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8/8.1. Not for us here at Square Egg Computers, we can still get you the Windows 10 upgrade software for free, you will only be charged £30 for our time to do the Installation, which includes the pickup and return of your equipment. Prices from other companies for Windows 10 software alone ranges from £80 for Windows Home upto around £130 for Windows 10 Pro plus their time to setup and configure. If you're looking to upgrade to Windows 10, then contact us for more information and we'll see if we can get you upgraded. This offer can end at anytime as Microsoft are trying to meet quotas, so dont delay.

For more information on Windows 10 --> Click for more about Windows 10

Virus Threat of the Month - October

In October, virus specialists investigated the first ransomware Trojan (called Trojan.Encoder.6491) which is written in "Go" and developed a technique for decrypting files compromised by this Trojan. Soon thereafter, they discovered a backdoor for Linux that was capable of executing commands received from cybercriminals. In addition, Trojans for Android mobile devices also continued to spread all month long.

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