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Repairs & Services

Servicing - £30

Square Egg Computers believe in "Keeping the Stable Door Closed". This means that we try to prevent your systems from failing before they fail, but to do this, you need to keep on top of maintenance (as you do with your car). As the phrase goes, there's no point shutting the stable door when the horse has already bolted. To do this, we advise people to have their PC/Laptop serviced annually (if you're a frequent user) to try and foresee any possible failure or disruption in the way the system functions, before it happens. At least 99% of stand alone PC's and Laptops have fans inside to aid in keeping the components & temperature cool, but as with all fans, that creates suction, in turn sucking up dust and pet hairs which ultimately will cause your system to run warm due to the extra insulation. Not only does this mean that the temperature reaches its "Fail Safe Shut Off" temperature easily, which will completely power down the system without warning, loosing any unsaved data in the process, it also means that the extra heat can have a life shortening effect on the components, as the circuit-board silicone can be prone to damage with continued high temperatures, especially on budget components.

Repairs - £various

As with all repairs, the price varies depending on the faults that are in effect. We offer:

  • "NO FIX - NO FEE". This means that once we have diagnosed the fault, if we cannot fix it either by repair or replacement, then we will not charge you for the diagnostics or time taken.
  • We will always contact you and discuss the price of the repair before going ahead with any repair, just to confirm that you are happy to continue.
  • FREE Collection & Return within 10 mile radius of BD20. Outside this area may incur a small fee which we will discuss beforehand.
  • Our repairs are carried out to be "As New" where possible. We will not implement a "Make Shift" repair to see you over and charge you for it. We will only charge you for a complete repair.
  • All repairs come with a 60 Day Return to Base warranty if the same faults occur. Components warranties differ depending on component & manufacturer